A Fresh Start and Plans For Farming!

NEW ROME-Today, March 2, 2013 the President announced two new things, which the first one, he called a fresh new start to our government. He announced that a new constitution was being created to make some law and order, which he said was also based off of the constitution of South Korea. “I’ve always wanted to get down to creating a constitution, and now I have the time”. He also announced new Parliament elections, and dissolved Parliament. Not many are expected to run in the new Parliament elections because of the lack of citizens, which the government has been disappointed with.

However, not to let the lack of citizens to get in the way, the President also announced a new plan for kickstarting “home farming” which the title explains all. It is a plan to start making Grunkians reliant on locally grown food and save money, instead of head to “macronational shops” and buying all of their food there.

But will these two schemes work? We here at the Grunkian Observer don’t know, but we hope it will turn out well.

March 2, 2013


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